Who is this guy?

He was born in 1991 in Bangor/England. Not much after his birth little Görkem moved to Turkey due to his families occupation status. After waiting to grow a bit he found himself on the steps where his education life had started. Young Görkem after completing his primary and secondary education in Istanbul continued his high school education in Eskisehir at Ahmet Kanatli High. This young fellow in his first year as a freshman gained curiosity in arts and design and started to develop himself in this way. At the time he became a senior he took a snap decision to change his department from the Maths & Science Division to Fine Arts. After his graduation he took it tight, studying hard through the summer and took the exams for the Faculty of Fine Arts, by passing most he qualified to become a student in the Graphic Design Division.

What about now?

Görkem at present is a student in the Anadolu University, Department of Graphic Design and at the same time is gaining extreme work experience continuously – non-stop. He takes part in works for 3-dimesional drawings of buildings for Terraco A.Ş., a firm that specializes in Construction Materials, TRT -The National Broadcasting Channel’s project with collaboration with the Anatolian University for the TRT Okul (TRT School) TV program (animation), advertising and design works for Studyo NET and also is currently working with several organizations and companies that take part in Community Supported Police Practices subjected to the General Directorate of Security.



Whou! There are too many windows, what’re they?

Design, web design, video art, motion graphic, special & visual effects and editing applications made or formed by one stage or program would be foolish. In this process, many traditional and digital assistance will be needed. For the construction of the products that are on the site or not a variety of tools and programs were used. For this reason plenty of windows may be seen. Don’t worry. It’s normal.


If you want to get to know me better. WRITE ME!

Softwares used in making of products:

  • icon_ai Adobe Illustrator
  • icon_id Adobe InDesign
  • icon_ae Adobe After Effect
  • icon_pr Adobe Premier
  • icon_lr Adobe Lightroom
  • icon_dw Adobe Dreamweaver
  • icon_fl Adobe Flash
  • icon_auAdobe Audition
  • icon_c4d Maxon Cinema 4D
  • icon_max Autodesk 3D Studio Max
  • icon_rf Next Limit Realflow
  • per_095
  • per_075
  • per_095
  • per_075
  • per_090
  • per_080
  • per_070
  • per_045
  • per_090
  • per_045
  • per_075






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  • graphic designer

    Ekim 20, 2014

    Graphic Designing is one of the relatively new careers
    and has excellent scope in terms of job opportunities especially
    in areas of Integrated Marketing, communication and branding.
    However, competition for senior graphic designer positions will be very strong.

    Even if a company has already decided to choose a professional web design team, there are still many different factors to wade through in order to find just the
    right designer.

  • Evan Zielesch

    Mayıs 11, 2015

    Enjoyed every bit of your blog article. Want more.

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